Bijan Anjomi

Every year many students from the four corners of the world come to Bijan Anjomi for advice on how to stay in peace while handling their lives, relationships, health and business.  Bijan Anjomi makes it very clear that everyone can achieve this state of peace through meditation and time out. “No matter what your financial state is in or how your relationships stands or even the state of your health, you can bring your mind to a state of peace and change your attitude toward your life and the way you live,” Anjomi states.

Bijan Anjomi gives us some points that can help everyone achieve a state of peace in their everyday lives:

1)       Always start your morning with a peaceful thought or joyful conversation.

2)       Meditating for at least five minutes or taking time to smell the flowers first thing in the morning will do you a world of good.

3)       Keep your mind clear of negative and dark thoughts.

4)       Surround yourself with people that see the good in you.

5)       Be as good to yourself as you are to someone you love like your child or your pet.


Bijan Anjomi

Bijan Anjomi

Effortless Prosperity Design and Publishing announced today the release of prominent author, speaker and visionary for world peace, Bijan Anjomi’s, new book “Anxiety and Depression No More.”  Bijan Anjomi, a Las Vegas resident, states, “This powerful and life-changing book is a must-read in these difficult times.  It contains a treasure chest of information regarding the release of anxiety and depression during these challenging days.”

In this amazing book, Bijan Anjomi explains in simple yet profound words how to become aware of the symptoms of anxiety and depression and how to work with them and release them in an effortless way.  Many readers from around the globe have reported a significant change in their attitudes and in their everyday lives by reading this powerful book.

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